My first ever gun model

Here is my model of the AK47:

The Clip is a little messy, it was hard to make


I really like how it looks, although it looks a bit flat. Not to mention the back of the gun kinda hangs off at the end.

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The model is REALLY blocky. Did you use parts or blender to make it?

I really love the simplicity of builds so this get’s a happy thumbs up from me

The texture is quite weird. You should add a trigger and also, the place holding the trigger seems quite messed up. Also… The stock is incorrect. It would kill your shoulder and the 2 parts at the end are too much at an angle. If you look at an AK47 model, you can see small differences or parts you missed (like sights) however, it’s pretty good for your first but you can definitely improve

Looks pretty good for your first gun model.
Here are my suggestions though:

  • I’d make it a little less blocky, just so it looks more realistic

  • Also, I recommend using a external software called blender, which is a 3d modeling software that I think would help you a lot

Other than that, I think it looks good for your first time! :smile:

Round the edges and fix the trigger a bit, I think you got a decent gun! 8/10.

A decent start for your 1st attempt, but that texture looks a little off, I would change it into something else to fit your style.

First attempt at creating a (AK47) looks a bit unfinished and doesn’t resemble a proper shape, however for a first attempt it’s good, however, I feel like the structure of the model consider focusing on the “Buttstock” I would try making it connected to the back of the gun with a. More proper design all the parts added to the gun look a tad bit rush try taking your time with adding those important details on the gun as by looking at yours it’s quite plain looking have you consider reworking the back of the gun?

If you take a look at the image provided below, you can see the back and shape itself is more “put together”. Looking at the Buttstock, yours is too straight looking going off of the image they should be more connected to the gun having a curve into it I would recommend using a reference image when finishing it up.


Thanks for the detailed summary, I will take another attempt at this model soon, this post helps

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Hey, I’ll be as honest as possible. For a first time gun model, it’s not too bad. However, if you plan on developing guns for people or for games, you have to do your guns in blender. This gun looks much too simple, flat, and unrealistic. Try and watch blender tutorials and use that instead.

For your first time, this is pretty decent.

I’d recommend focusing on detail and going from image reference, especially for this kind of model.

On these, the detail is everything. I think if you put more time into it you’ll see a huge improvement.

Overall, this is pretty good for a first ever time. Just keep working and focus on the detail if you’d like to improve. Good job.