My First Ever Loading Screen Art

My First Ever UI


Please Tell Me How To Improve This Style:

  • I am aiming for a beach-themed intro screen.
  • Sunset theme
  • I feel like it lacks some detail but i don’t know what to add.

Any Constructive Criticism Would Be Appreciated




The 2D design is great. But I love the one most is buttons.
Amazing job! There is not much to do but maybe you can make those buttons a bit more shiny.
The faded effect doesn’t seem to match. Thanks!

Hey thanks for the feedback i did add some things to the background please, i would love your feedback.


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I really like the designs. My only complaint is that the sides of the image distract me from the center. Beyond the black lines on each side, maybe try a more tame color or lowering the brightness?

I love it! The sun is cool so the buttons are. Keep going!

thanks a lot. i am practicing because i seem to love working in Photoshop. so i might keep working in there and see where it takes me.

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ok i tryed a more tame color.

Ooh yes, that’s nice. Try playing around with the shading of it.
Overall, that’s a really nice job for your first time!

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thank you a lot for your feed back it is truly helping me.

Hey, I like your UI. If I had to say anything about it is that you should work with giving the Interface a more realistic feel, not necessarily a feel of “this looks real”, more of a feel of “I can see what this image is a reference of” (make an image in roblox studio, with a palm tree, a big leaf, the beach as a background and anything else that beach often resemble, maybe a bridge. Then, with what you have you could take a picture and use it for reference, tracing and giving your vibe of what you’d think it could be about) (because by seeing the UI I can get the idea that, you probably want to make a cartoony-type beach game? I say cartoony because the overall use of black lines gives it a sense of being drawn). I don’t know if that’s what you intended, if you didn’t then maybe you could make the game itself about that theme, I haven’t seen anyone use the theme of “Cartoony-based jamaican beach” or anything similar. At most, GTA vice city is the closest you’ll get (maybe as inspiration?) because the protagonist itself has a beach shirt, and a big theme is summer beach.

Here’s what I, myself, would do: Make the overall theme about that, a cartoony beach game, use textures that can resemble a cartoony feel, not roblox official textures, just textures that you could do with photoshop, similar to those you see in the walking dead by telltale games. This way you would make something unique, something never seen. Now, if what you’re doing is just an user interface for practice, then it’s ok, I just give you what I think would look good

If you’re just in for the UI, then I’m telling you this: make it an effect of showing the interface itself, but then, when the player clicks on new game, it reveals that it’s actually a scene in the game itself, showing that the palm tree, the big leaf and everything you see in the scene is not there for nothing, it’s actually a scene inside the game

OMG you just gave me the best idea thanks for taking the time to write this thanks alot.

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The 2D design looks cool.I think that 2 version is good,because on the first picture shadow is dark,and on the last picture colors are bright.So the best is design on 2 picture.(I think that it will be cool to add calm music that is associated with palm trees or idk,lol)

Second version looks great!

You’re utilizing a cartoon shape-based style, so don’t feel the need to overly detail it. You’ve filled the page and the level of detail is very consistent within itself. You achieve a lot of contrast already with the colors and their compliments together.

Something I do think would be cool is a strong implementation of animations. Of course animate the buttons, it will go well with the theme. Maybe have the button shift and logo spin when a mouse hovers over it.

But if you’re capable, do some walt disney multiplane action. Have the trees and sand and sun be one layer. Have two oceans layers, and have those shift around. You could also have the background layer flicker between certain gradients.

And please put in some hawaiian style music. But this is already real amazing! Great job!

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no problem, man, It seems like a good concept. My advice, my basic advice, is that you take your time, work in some other projects that you don’t care much about, and when you feel ready, start working on this one, maybe even with others at your side. Your idea has potential, you need to prepare yourself to make the best out of it.
You also gave me a bit of joy for what you said, thanks to you too. In fact, that one is my first post ever…

if you ever need help, feel free to ask me…

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I love the loading buttons, if you want it to be realistic, the grass and palm trees need to be a little less bright, and the palm tree border outline doesn’t look quite good, I think it will look better if the border wasn’t there. I also think that the water in the background needs to be improved to look more of a wavy look and the shadows from the setting button goes onto the waves which should be removed.