My first EVER model that I made!

This is a horse that I made today. This is my first time trying to make a model and in my opinion it turned not that bad.

Its not 100% finished, I need to add texture and make some other little tweaks.

What do you think of it? Any tips for the future?!


For a first model, its actually very good. If you watched a tutorial, try not to just blatantly copy, try to learn, too. Also, the tail isn’t really visible. I would love to see the final model! Also, where are its eyes… ?

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The only tutorial that I have watched is to learn the key binds.
The tail isn’t visible because I am planning to make it in game so that the horse wags it’s tail.
The eyes haven’t been added yet lol!

What. No tutorial… ? I don’t believe it. you are so epic man

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Let’s be honest here, better than what I would model for a horse. :joy:

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It’s just adding small adjustments and look at an image to get the shape. Pretty much just trial and error.

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