My first ever weapon model

This is the first weapon I’ve made in Blender, or in general. Any feedback is appreciated!


Nice attention to detail. I like it.

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Wow, this looks great I don’t know how much experience you have in blender but I love it. With a 1 out of 10 I would give it like a 9. Great job keep up the good work.

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Looks great, keep up the amazing work! :grin:

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It is really beautiful, the details are great. Keep improving yourself.

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It’s amazing, looks very well made and creative. Seems like you did a wonderful job making your very first weapon! Keep up the amazing work! :coefficients:

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I would like to give some feedback for your first sword model.

First of all, the brown color for your handle should have some sort of wooden texture to the brown handle for your sword, because, to be honest, the handle for your sword looks pretty much plastic, and it would really ruin the appearance of the sword, as your handle is representing wood.

Overall, I appreciate your work and I hope to see the improvements you applied to your current model.

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Looks good ! How long did it take to make?

Can you separate the debris on the blade so you can later make it neon on studio, that’d be better.

Looks good, but like someone already mentioned i would change the material of the handle to something more wooden.

It didn’t take that long at all! Maybe an hour at most.