My First Fair Ride Creation


Hello everyone, so for over 3+ years i was interested in the Fair / Carnival Rides Free Models
basically they recreated “In Real Life” Fair RIdes onto ROBLOX functioning and with the machinery to control them and etc. I wanted to make my own as a small creation. Tho I did make a post of getting help of making a fair ride before, but now i learnt more about Physics and Constraints from Devforums / DevHub / Youtube, I made 1 of my all time favorite Fair Rides onto ROBLOX. The Design didnt go well i tried my best it my first time. I decided to make The Sizzler.

The Sizzler Screenshots

Please give Criticism, Feedback, and etc. I’m mostly trying to improve the Design
I’ll post a Video of it spinning on my next post, all screenshots were posted in the order of me building the ride. and the ride in the back is a prototype i made before starting to make this ride.

Additional Info

This took 3+ hours to make.and I couldn’t post all Screenshots because errors
heres the link to the game you cant rlly start the ride or anything yet, im working on its controls stll, i use the dev console to start the ride rn.


The beams on the red ride look overly thick and doesn’t move when I go on it. The Sizzler looks good, but it would be good if when you sat down the ride increased in speed for a while before finally slowing down to a stop. How about the barriers you would normally see around a ride like that, an entry queue and a pay kiosk.

im making more prototypes rn im planning to add friction to make it slowly move then go fast and start making another ride that has a easier design first

If you are just using a HingeConstraint configured as a Motor, you can control the speed of rotation quite easily in code

thanks this helps alot man :smiley: I’ll be sure to make a control room to