My first game [Bobruisk Role-Play]

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce my game Bobruisk RP [BETA]!

It’s a fictional world, with its own rules and order, its own ideology and lore - the game has absolutely nothing to do with real life, it’s all game fiction
The game has no country of its own, any player from CIS countries (and even non-CIS countries) can purchase the same passport of their own country!
The original name itself was taken from the Belarusian city of “Bobruisk”, but the game itself does not relate to it!


The game supports 3 languages at once: Englist, Russian, Ukrainian
[The translation may not be correct!]

What's in the game?

What’s in the game? How is it different from other similar games? What are the features?

  • The game has a bunch of new systems not available in CIS RP games. Even though it is BETA [Version 0.23]
  • A game with very nice graphics, textures and with good on and optimization
  • One of the coolest (but not the best) features is the custom graphics setup, you can customize the graphics to your taste, optimize the game or use pre-made optimization presets to save you time

And that’s only a few 5 percent of what’s described, if not less)

What about us?

What about us, who’s behind all this:

We are - DevStudioRBX, A Studio consisting of 2 founders: @ailsens, @3YbuKtOp
And also of course there are also the contributors that sped up the game’s release:
@Brodnes @profikill1212

@ailsens - Founder of the whole idea, Mapper-Builder, SFX + UI Designer
@3YbuKtOp - The main programmer, the one who programmed the whole game.

Thank you all who will come to play and also waiting for your opinion and accordingly ready for your criticism, not always everything is perfect after all).


(P.s This is our first Roblox experience)


Your project is amazing overall, honestly one of the best roleplay games I have seen.

I am a representitive of Windy, and we would be happy to work with you. You would need to undergo training, you’d be taught modeling/building since we are looking for staff, after training (if needed) you’d be a developer in one of our projects. Payment is not guarranteed since currently we pay in percentage of the game’s earnings on release.

Windy Owner.


Nice job, I played the game a few days ago and thought it was a great showcase of the realism of PBR. In fact, the visual effects are a great example of what the engine could achieve(for example the dynamic halos around the street lamps) even at this early stage. I was also surprised that there was an American citizenship option among the others!

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Thanks for the feedback, we spent a lot of time on the graphics so that it all doesn’t cause a huge amount of overloads on PC-phones