My first game icon

I made a game icon for one of my simulators and now this is my first game icon, so please do give feedback.

Tell me what you think! (I’m gonna sleep now)



It looks very good for your first graphic!

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you did a greatjob
may be add some gradient to background or change the color of the text
remember the text should be highlighted

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Its very nice for your first icon, keep going!

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Excellent for your first game icon , however the use of colours and font styles are so good.:grinning:

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How do you use the swirl thing in the background?

That Icon you made looks so cool :partying_face:
I love it!

When i make The swirl thingies in the background (correctly called sunburst), I search in the browser ’ Sunburst png’ and then I go to colors and then Transparent.

You can use this image if you want:

Great Job! the logo stands out alot.