My first game! Looking for feedback. What can I improve?

I have finished an early alpha of my first game Link Here. I’m planning on using this game as a starting point/launchpad for future projects. It took about 2 months to get to this point, learning from scratch to use blender, photoshop, and using the new filtering enabled features.

It’s a remaster of Tadcool’s Boys vs Girls Island Wars, which is the first Roblox game that I played. My goal is to keep the classic feel of the original game while using new and original scripts/models.

Everything from the guns, vehicle, map, UI, FBX are scripted/modeled by me (apart from a couple of libraries such as Fastcast and Datastore2).
Here’s a showcase of some of the guns that I have in the game (There are about 20+ in total).

Other features include:

  • Primitive build tool (I plan on reworking this soon, but I don’t have any idea on how to improve it)
  • Pick up weapons (Idk about keeping these in the game, maybe every gun should just be purchasable?)
  • Default dummy NPCs for when no one else is in the lobby.

I need critique/recommendations on:

  • The current map is just total garbage. I’ve somewhat gotten the hang of modeling guns but somehow map modeling is just so much more difficult. It feels plain, boring, and awkward. I’m not sure how to fix this.
  • Are the gun animations too simple? Do I need to add things like reloading animations? Is this important for better gameplay?
  • The UI/Shop looks low effort and cheap. I’m planning to rework this with custom images instead of the default text labels.
  • The flag in the middle of the map is functional but currently serves no purpose.
  • Is there anything else that I have missed and should put more work into? This is my first game so I appreciate all the criticism that I can get. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

this is very well done it is beautiful


Its ok but why do I have to play in first person and why is aiming locked to the centre of the screen


That’s a good point! I plan on adding third-person eventually, but at the guns only work in first person. Everything else works in third person.


Thank you! I’m glad you like it.


its so you cant shoot behind you

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Hello! As I seen your game for the first I would say the game is okay, But the things that I need to critise:

  • Map - The map looks old too much free models I would say
  • Gun Animations - The guns really having any animations and it looks like you do nothing when reloading
  • UI - Needs more work

Good things:

  • The idea - If the game would not doing something like “girl are better than boys” or “boys are better than girl” I think it is good idea.

  • FPS framework - The FPS framework looks good but as I said “Animations” so it just need more offset work and animation work but the FPS system is good!

I would suggest to do:

  • Instead of using touch part to be in team use UI, It would be more user-friendly, and if you would like to change team in game, Use UserInputService and bind it to some key.
  • Sound Effects - Try to add more sound effect because the game feels like nothing is really happening
  • The flag - When you claiming the flag in center of map, Add face image of the player who claimed it! You can use endpoints! More info here!
  • UI - Add some UI like who have more kills or anything like that, You can inspire from arsenal where they have player images and team colors and the kills the player have

And thats it I think game just need more work and it can be good game, I should give it like 6/10

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Thanks a lot for this feedback! I like a lot of the ideas that you have given, especially adding more audio and a better UI system for kills. Perhaps background music would be helpful? I’m gonna get to working on adding endpoints into the notification system soon. Reload animations are planned as well. As for the map, I’m just not good enough to make a modern-looking map. I built everything on the map in roblox studio so it is not of the best quality. I might need some more time to come up with better islands on blender.

Nice game! I can see you have put a good amount of effort in so I have taken the time to find bugs for you.


  • You can walk around the edges of the spawns to gain access as you can see here and here. You can also use your hover bike to drive round to the other teams spawn.
  • If you damage yourself before dying, you will get money for it as you can see here and here.
  • I don’t know if this is intentional, but when I spawn a bike at the girls base and I am on the boys team, it spawns a blue bike. Shouldn’t it spawn a pink bike due to being the girls base?
  • The kills + coins only load on the first time you open the guns UI as you can see here.


  • Sometimes when I’m trying to get on the hoverbike quickly I’ll miss and die. You should consider placing a platform that you can walk on under where the bikes spawn so that doesn’t happen.
  • You should consider using a UI for the team change as it’s much smoother, though it does remove that connection from Tadcool’s game.
  • If I want to come back and get a bike after I have left, I can’t.
  • The island with the waterfall is completely useless, nothing to do there. I don’t see why anyone would want to go there.
  • While the second island is a cool adventure to explore, personally I wouldn’t do it often due to the fact that the gun only has four ammo and isn’t worth it.
  • You should add a reward for claiming the flag, it’s doesn’t really do anything except show that your team is “winning.”

Overall, great first game, certainly a lot better than my first game! :^)

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Wow, thanks a lot for this response! I really appreciate the time that you took to go through all the glitches and suggestions. I’m gonna fix those UI bugs right now, as well as the self-damge coin glitch. Those are game breaking!
I’m also gonna work on the flag suggestion because a lot of people that I’ve asked to test my game also think that it currently does not serve too much of a purpose. The waterfall island is supposed to have a gun spawn in it, but I forgot to add it so thanks for the reminder.
I made it so that the bikes automatically despawn after about 45 seconds (as a way to ensure that unused bikes do not lag the game). I will make this timer longer.

you also could use some nice icons
i could help you there but im not gonna advertise here

Most Gun games are like that lol