My FIRST GFX creation!



Feedbacks are appreciated :wink:


it looks good super nice :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I recommend you use R15 rigs. Also, you could make the feet move a little bit.


Looks pretty good for your first! Like @TyperSkills said, you can use an R15 character. Also I do recommend using blender and starting to use blender rigs. Great job tho!

it is a start.

the lighting isn’t great, i hate how the sun shines through the o, and from what i see sand in the desert isn’t that light. also, the bags and everything in the background gets more low quality, and your posing is r6 which doesn’t look good. also one guy has camo IN THE DESERT like the forest camo in the desert and the people in the background like this one guy is holding the riot shield weirdly and has barely any posing.

there is a background and i. think it should be a little more orangish and the font should also be whiteish not dark gray

and you should use blender because its free 3d software has a good community many rigs like paintrigv3 and ultimaterig for roblox.

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that looks like you just posed some characters in roblox studio then took a picture

Your RS GFX looks fine, it’s just I’d rather make you render your image with 3D software of your choice. You can either follow tutorials how to use the software you chose or stay on Roblox Studio. For the characters, you should switch from R6 to R15. Yes, I know that it’ll take more of your time and the final pose might not look good, but just try for the least. When photo editing your GFX I recommend tuning the colors of your image and adding overlays/FX to your likings. Lastly on the lighting, adding the Bloom effect can make it a little bit better and you can turn up your graphics settings in Studio, so that you can maximize the detail.

Not bad for your first GFX!

My suggestion is to use Blender and really learn how it works in terms of GFX for Roblox. It makes your creations seem stunning, and it’s free.

It’s okay as the quality is a bit low, very pixelated and the lighting doesn’t really match with how bright the sun is. The poses are stiff, I think you used free models? Try to pose it to give it a real war-like feel, with also better effects.

Nonetheless, it’s not bad, and you have tons of potential. Keep it up! :happy3: