My first GFX, feedback?

I started learning how to make GFXs a few days ago and this is what I have come up with so far;

Can anyone direct me to a good GIMP tutorial? I find it very bewildering.


Two words: Too dark.

I think you should just increase the lightning because I can barely see the character, which is not bad.


Looks good, however it is a bit too dark. I would suggest increasing the lighting a bit more since the character isn’t that visible. Other than that, looks good! I like it.

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Your GFX is really dark, and it is difficult to see the character. Fix the lighting and make it brighter.

The character in the GFX is also a bit too small (in my opinion), and I’d suggest making it slightly larger.

I would also avoid leaving the background plain black, since your avatar seems to be wearing dark coloured clothing.

Thanks, I’ll add some more power to the world lighting and try and add a background.

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I think the pose/stance is good but it is a bit dark and it looks a bit too empty. Is this an MTF unit, if so maybe add a SCP in the background if not add a hallway or some sort of building to it.

Alright, V2:


I think this looks much better but I’d still adjust the lighting some more for shadows and such, but that is just my personal preference.

Also, for a first GFX, this is great!

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The person looks small in the image and it’s too dark.

I would recommend adding some more light. Other than that it looks good!

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