My first GFX for a commission in Blender 2.8

Hello, I want some feedback on a GFX I have made for a commission and first time using blender 2.8.

Thank you.


lighting on this both good and weird. something doesn’t seem right. you might need to adjust the contrast. maybe add gradients to the text in general.

I tried to do the lighting but it was not working fully.

There’s watts in the lighting settings. turn it down or up and move it around. see what rhymes with it

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Well not bad, good for your first try.
Keep practicing, learning and get better!

First time using blender 2.8, that is really impressive. Great job! :smile:

For some reason, the pickaxe is really bugging me, because it goes through the hand. It could be better slightly rotated upwards, so it doesn’t collide. I agree about the lighting though, maybe using an HDRI could fix that if you didn’t use one already. You could also try to make the background more interesting, a simple pattern could be really effective.

Keep up the good work! :smile:

What is HDR can I ask? :slight_smile: would help me

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You should try messing with the light curve in an image editor like GIMP or PS. The blacks are about right, but the whites are a bit too bright. Also, the text’s outline doesn’t contrast enough with the 3D model’s pants, making them a bit hard to distinguish. The same goes for the hair and the background.

Overall, it is a good result for your first try as getting the right color balance can be hard.

An HDRI is a form of lighting that you can use that provides very even and realistic lighting. I like to use HDRI Haven to get mine, as they are great quality and variety for free.

Here is a great tutorial on how to add them :smile:

Hopefully this helped! :smile:

Do you have discord if so would u add me: Tege#6314


Yea I do, I’ll add you in the morning, it’s quite late for me right now.

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I guess I messed up lol. but for real, your skills actually almost out-leagues her in some levels. just don’t doubt yourself and think X artist is better than you. Everyone are unique and has a different vision to reality. now I see the world as colorful yet dark. and you like the pink-ish fem aesthetic.

so yeah. keep it up!

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Aww thank you so much! That is really kind of you! You’re right, I really love the soft aesthetic/pastel fem style, It’s one of the things I really like to do. :heartpulse:

Btw I’ve seen your GFXs, and they are next level amazing, you are one of my icons :+1::heartpulse:

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I’ve never considered myself as an icon or something. but my icon is RipperGFX and Hans. just If you’re asking :wink:

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Oml now your underestimating yourself too, everything you make is so smooth (weird way to describe it, but the only way). :heartpulse:

I think you mean the way it’s trying to be sharp. I always took inspiration from the Persona 5 art style because it tends to be really sharp and smooth. I think that’s what you like to describe.

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Yea, it is quite like that. What i also like about your GFXs is that you use different packages for your characters, that I personally haven’t seen before in GFXs, and it’s still so smoothly posed. Honestly imo your GFXs are just soo satisfying lol

That’s the cool thing about being an artist!
I like to do my stuff being eye-catching and stuff. the packages I use are the same rigs that Matt made. I used to do most of GFX with the raw bodies alone. Posing 'em like statues and importing them in.
About the posing. I actually try to replicated these poses on my own body to see if my body limitation would apply to the rig. that’s why it’s semi-realistic or possible to pose!

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Ohh that’s what I do too lol, I do that heaps, unless I physically can’t do it haha.
You have done a great job of making your stuff eye catching! :clap:

You can do too lol. you just need to believe and have practice with eye-catching media and I suggest you looking at persona 5 just for a frame of reference. if you want a kind of smooth style. I suggest looking at persona 3-4 for a frame reference because those are great too!

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