My First GFX (With a Character!)

I have been making some renders lately, and I thought I would try my hand at full-on GFX. I decided to make a sith lord from Star Wars.

This took me about half an hour. I can already see I could improve a lot on the saber, but not bad for a first try, eh? I made and posed the character in Studio, then imported it into Blender and did the lighting and blade. The lightsaber model is a free model, but I had to do some upgrades to make it double-sided. Please reply with your honest feedback :grin: have a great day!


Looks great!!! I love your use of the dark and only illuminating the scene with the red glow off of the light sabre.

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I think the light saber should glow more. Also one arm is off the joint
it needs to be raised. I think the bottom of the arm should be slightly lower if not the level with the top of the torso. Overall good job.

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I honestly have no idea how to make seamless joints like they do in Blender I tried making it glow more, but I couldn’t find how to do it.

Decent for a first attempt I’m assuming your still learning posing selections and lighting choices? This is just something you should take in the future when wanting to improve your graphic design a little more or at the moment.

From the characters view it doesn’t shows not much going on you should include another character in the front so it looks like he is battling a enemies. Try placing a few more characters having just a character holding a light saber looks rather stiff. You need to include more things that look interesting if the character is fighting his enemies thing include more people.

There’s many things you could do to improve the design placing or adding a lot of objects could improve the quality even add characters spaceships more? The lighting it kind of has that alright try including (HDRI) if your wanting realism in the scene or just wanting a simple approach…

Otherwise it’s a good start i would just focus more on your posing and overall lighting if your wanting a realistic look make the scene look more interesting even if this is your first attempt there’s many things you could do to take this further.

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I didn’t want to do too many characters because importing is tricky for me. My idea was to have this one character holding a saber over his head. For posing, I did it in studio, because I am too lazy to make a custom rig and pose that in Blender. I thought the black background would be cool with the red light from the saber.

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