My First GFX With Blender

Hello, I have finished creating my first GFX with the help of amaanrocks246 to teach me some of the basics. Please if you can reply with feedback or a lighting/background tutorial so that I can further update my skills. Oh yeah and the leg positioning isn’t the best either.



I’ve been making GFXs and using Blender a bit over a year now.

For the background- go to one of the little rendering tabs with all the settings, bloom, hard shadows, soft shadows, etc. If you see a tab called “film”, open the drop down and click “transparent background”. It will set your background to transparent and allow you to download it like that. You can use an editing app (I recommend Canva) to add a background.

Your lighting is pretty good, but it could be a little brighter, and the pose is kind of awkward (unless that’s part of it).

(If you don’t know how to increase the lighting brightness, click the bulb icon and set the watts to something around 1K.)

A really great job for a first attempt, bravo!

I’ve made it transparent and all it does is make the ears messed up and not be a transparent background. any idea how to fix this?

The background will be black, but when you add a new image in for the background it’ll show up.

What about the messed up ears though? I’m a bit confused why it’s like that.

To be honest, so am I. That’s never really happened to me before, but if you fiddled with some random settings beforehand, it might’ve messed that feature up. (You probably didn’t, Blender just does that sometimes.)

ah, I know what I did, on render engine I turned on Eevee, but I’m pretty sure I can keep that if I just adjust the lighting

Hey man! Sorry for the late reply, I can help you with this too!