My First GFX! (with shading)

So, I recently created this GFX without using Blender. I used Roblox Studio, and the Photopea image editor.
Here’s how it looks!

image (9)

Constructive criticism needed, tell me what I did right or did wrong!


Background doesn’t go with the gfx. And there is a green circle at the top right. And make it a bit colorful! Great GFX


For a first graphics render this seems okay.

Here are some notable mistakes/errors that you have to realize:

  • A green circle on the top right corner, if its unintentional then fix it.
  • A background that’s ok but can be improved because the whole clothing of the character is black
    making the render look glum(ish)
  • The leg which is the Koroblox leg but doesn’t suit well with the background.
  • The Arms both have deep shadows making it confusing of which direction the light is heading
  • Shadows on the top front face of the shoulders make it look like light is there from the behind too.

Look at lighting angles before you start shading.

its low quality, doesn’t look like rendered in blender.
Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 2.52.15 PM
whats that?

the GFX is not great, you could really improve.

I’m positive he went to a roblox green screen game and just input his own background from it.

No, I just put a greenscreen in Roblox Studio, animated my character, and then edited it with an editing software. I’m gonna update the image to my final version, since I did advance it.

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you should definitely use blender, it has better lighting, better rendering quality, and many things you can do with it.