My first GFX work


here are a little things that i suggest to make it improve:

  1. The Lighting is too intense, as you can see in the tree on the player
  2. The arm rotation seems to be squished, and it’s being uncomfortable to the eyes
  3. Where is the Axe Pointing, the axe doesn’t seem to be aligned with the character’s arms

The Overall GFX is good, but there is always room for improvement

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  • It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. I fine on the ground it looks very bright, almost as if the ground is neon. I’d recommend decreasing it a bit.


  • The arm holding the axe is squashed, and looks awkward, and the positioning of it makes it look unrealistic to the “chopping of the tree”.

  • The legs look basic, bending them a little helps.


  • Getting heavy minecraft vibes from this…(or 2013-2014 building tools.)

My personal opinion, I’m going to say it’s poor. I won’t filter it, however it is your first GFX, so it’s understandable.

Practice makes perfect, and I’m sure you can get around to improving very much.

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