My First GFX's | Roblox Studio | DuckyTheClown1st

My First GFX:

Made In Roblox studio using Future Lighting and Quality Level 21. I do not know how to add effects or anything of that sort. All feedback appreciated.


Really nice, if you want to make an even better GFX you should consider blender !


Even if it wasn’t your first ever attempt, this would be absolutely GREAT!

The second image is my personal favorite, along with this you did a great job making it looking realistic!


AWESOME! 10/10, especially that is your first time! I would do an 11/10 but unfortunately that is not possible. As, @jeanpaupaul said, you should use Blender for a better GFX.


This is all my opinion, I could be wrong.

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These are pretty good! As @jeanpaupaul said you can use Blender to make better GFX! Other then that this is great for the first gfx.

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Thanks You @NeverTrustFin , @jeanpaupaul , @PandaLikesCaps!
The issue with blender for me is that my laptop cannot handle the renders. I did try to though, usually crashing or taking hours at end.
I really appreciate your feedback!

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You can decrease the quality of the camera for faster renders and change the render from cycles to eevee