My first gun viewmodel


I would like to show you guys my fist viewmodel and get some feedback to improve.


Hello, overall it looks good for your first time, but I’m missing a few things:

  • add animations when pulling out and holstering weapons.
  • add repulsion animations by weapon recoil.
  • slightly improvise the weapon change.

i added recoil and sounds, planning on picking better sounds in the feature thoo.

Warning the audio is a bit hard.

EDIT: sorry i did everything so quick wanted to stay under an 10MB video size.

Made a youtube video anyway:

Now its better, the sounds + repulsion when shoots is good,but Shotgun need more repulsion from recoil ,if shotgun will be remastered i will give it overall 8/10. Good job.

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the remaster:

still have 1 problem thoo, if the user aplies force to the recoil it will still go down the same amount of force the recoil aplied. resulting in your camera going down too far after applying much force against the recoil.

why don’t you change how the recoil acts then? have the user “control” the recoil, it would be there own fault if they dont recover the recoil properly, rather than letting the client code handle recovery.

or perhaps detect when the mouse is moving and negate client code recovering recoil? not sure

yeah i tried that but i cant manage to find how to get the distance the mouse moved in y axis only combined x,y but ill look into it further im sure ill manage. almost