My first hat mesh!

I’ve been building for a while and always wanted to get into making meshes and maybe even getting into the UGC program!

With a little help from Nat I made my first mesh, let me know how its looks!




Looks good, it is pretty basic but since this is your first it looks good. This is how we all start out. Keep up the good work :smiley:

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I think that this should have a little more effort put into it, it is satisfactory for your first mesh though. Keep practicing and you may get in, but right now this won’t get you in if you continue producing work like this.

Lovely hat, Tip of advice if you press 3 and select the top face on the hat and do CTRL + B and your scroll wheel you can bevel the corners which gives it a cleaner look.

Heres a makeshift design I was telling you, The smallest details can make the biggest difference. Good luck on your journey :slight_smile: