My first house as a beginner in blender

Give me feedback or tips to improve!


Looks. Well kind of bland. You can try to make much more realistic houses.

  1. needs to be brighter
  • needs more realism

  • Add a inside of the windows


Alright thank you! I’ll take all of your suggestions into consideration

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What was the style?

If it was low poly I absolutely love it :heart_eyes:

I think one detail I’d change though is the garage, I don’t know why but the top windows just seem off. Also why would your house be styled like that with a garage on either side :laughing: ? Interesting design, but it gives it a unique feeling.


I Really like it! (seeing it as a low poly design) though my question now would be Who would renovate their house to have two garages? :joy:


I like door on the house but The whole thing looks pretty bland. I don’t what type of house style did you use. (I think it’s low poly.)

Overall, great build.


Cool! If this is the first thing you made in Blender in total I congratulate you. If you already made something else in Blender, I still congratulate you.


Yes it’s low poly, Thank you for the feedback!

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As a car enthusiast, I would definitely love two garages


Thank you! I’ll try to make it more realistic and add more detail


Its great for a first time! But I personally think it needs more depth of field, and maybe more color. But overall, better than what I could do rn.

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Thank you! I’ll take that into consideration!

Well there be different color pallets so other objects don’t blend in with the entire house? Overall i think it looks good i would recommend choosing a proper color if your going for those wooden cabins then you nailed the structure maybe give the roof a different color - texture.

The color scheme is here and there the placements on the house look good I’m not sure, making the door color is a good idea they tend to blend in with the colors you choose consider placing a more noticeable door knob. The roof could use a chimney just to give your house more details.

Maybe place a circle window in the middle of the house (top area) try to implement your own ideas to make it stand out. It’s good process for a first model made in a 3D software nicely done.

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As a start, it is wonderful.

For my feedback, adding texture would really bring this house to life, the garages on either side (That’s what it looks like to me, sorry if I am wrong) looks like they are overlapping the windows. So it would probably be a good idea to not put windows there, and expand the garage door a bit higher.

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Have you tried adding textures too it, or maybe some emission to the lights? (I know textures can be quite hard to learn but its worth it!) Also the door feels a bit big, but who am I to judge I don’t know who lives in it.

Overall, very nice colour scheme and I like the garages a lot, but there is lots of room for improvement, and thats a good thing!

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Wow thank you! I’ll definitely give all of those a try!

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Thanks for the great feedback! I’ll try and play around with the texturing a bit because it’s true that it could be a little difficult

Alright thank you! I’ll do that and see how it comes out

I think this is good for a first blender house!

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!