My first Low-Poly/ Single/ Cartoon models!

Hello to all! I’m SizsPe, and to begin my adventure in this community, I decided to start by showing you some models that I built in Roblox Studio. I feel they are acceptable, but I also think they can improve, I hope they can help me to find what things to change to make it more “professional”. Feel free to give your opinions, everything helps :D!

(An example of what can be created when you put some assets together!)


I like it. You should try to move onto blender next which makes it 2x easier to make low-poly models more detailed. Though you should search a tutorial. I like the last model you made.

Hi Telamon and very thank you for responding! I’ll try to follow your advice and use blender, I’ve seen it and if you put some enthusiasm into it there can be some very good things left. Btw I’m glad you liked the decorated desk!