My First Low Poly Tree :D

My First Ever Low Poly Tree I Made! :smiley:

Feedback Is Appreciated! :grin:


Not Bad for first try and you should try to make trunk thinner and leaves longer you can take inspiration from other modelers


For your first model it’s good. If you want to push yourself, try modeling trees from real life


This is a great tutorial if you want to learn how to make low-poly trees. It really helped me!

How to create a low poly branched tree in Blender 2.8 - YouTube


Sadly I Use Blender 2.76b Since Its The Only Version Of Blender That Launches Perfectly In My Laptop

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Why can’t you use the other Blender versions? Also pc specs pls

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Because When I Launch The Latest Blender It won’t Open Cuz It Needs OpenGL 3.3 Or Higher.

Maybe try to make it look more unique, it’s good, don’t get me wrong, but I could just snatch one out the toolbox and it’ll look the same, we need more variety, the typical low poly tree is getting boring ngl

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