My first low poly tree on blender

I’ve been wanting to try out blender for a while and this is my first thing I’ve made:
Iti s pretty plain. I imported each mesh separately, because I wanted the colors to be differen, is there a better way to do this?
How do people make their trees look more smooth?

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Now for first time use on blender, this isn’t that bad. I don’t use blender nor do I know how to use it or make anything on blender, but this could be used in simulators or something that uses low poly builds or meshes. I suggest asking someone else who knows more about blender or watching tutorials on how to smooth out your creations and make them look more realistic.

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To be the first time you use blender, your tree is not bad, it is one of the many simple models that I like
Good Job

For the first time making a low poly tree it is great this right now is a popular building style if you keep practicing you could use this a lot more. Overall it is a great build for your first time. :slight_smile:

For your first low poly tree it’s amazing i think there should be more leaves and many different sizes. In my opinion you could improve the leaves. Right now the tree looks pretty nice it’s not cluttered and the shapes or unique maybe try re-sizing the large leave, but changing up things could improve it. A solid attempt at making a low poly tree with being inexperienced. It is not bad at all!

Maybe try making the trunk have more height to it like making it tall, so you could add more branches and leaves on it with different shapes.

Now answering your question if I’m not mistaken, please correct me if I’m wrong since I haven’t been in a blender for a while. Click the “object” menu in the 3D view and hit “smooth shading”. Or in object mode, select your model and click the smooth button in the tool menu on the left.

Maybe try checking out this video it could probably help you out. Video


for your first low poly tree in Blender, I think that’s great. Next time I think you could try adding more detail and maybe try changing the texture a bit, but since this is your first time I think it’s great :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

It looks pretty cool to me, my first tree looked like this:




Looks very good, very nice. Very good, very nice…