My first mesh (Made in 2 and a half hours)

Ok so I know its bad but I made my first mesh for a game I want to make but currently I dont know how to texture it (so if anyone could help me with that because all these sites saying how to use blender to texture, I look at it, then I do it, but then it still doesnt work)


I was also going to bend the ends but I forgot how so they are straight I guess

Edit: also sorry that its a low quality image

Edit 2: also I would like any feedback as long as its not anything like: “oh you suck at making meshes you should quit” or something just straight rude like that.


It’s pretty good for your first mesh, my first mesh was trash.
Just keep trying so you can make stuff like this

(It was made in blender btw)

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Looks pretty good but what is it?

Its a pickaxe. Im planning on making something like lumber tycoon but with caves
Edit: although with my limited knowledge of scripting I might just make this more like lumber 1 where it wasn’t a sandbox tycoon but was still a similar concept

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[2.79] Blender Tutorial: How to Add Textures to Objects - YouTube - I hope this helps.

Thanks, but I use 2.91.0
Although I did see a video by RoBuilder on more blender tips (he’s how I learned it in the first place, other videos just didnt help for me) which it included textures, so I will probably work on it tomorrow or monday if I dont have time