My first official Blender model!

Hey there fellow devs! Sorry for not using the “what are you working on” topic, but to be honest, no one I know checks that so I doubt you’d see this. Anyways, I have been trying to learn blender for a couple months now, but kept forgetting about it as the learning curve was pretty dang steep, and navigating around the viewport was a PAIN to get used to. But here I am, 3 weeks after I started learning continuously. And I’m proud to present my first model, a simple pistol!

Side view.

Frontside view.

And finally a back upper view.

I know it’s modest, but given I am not very detail oriented, I think it’s a good job for my first build. Any advice? Suggestions? Building tips? Guides? Praise? Criticism? Please let me know. Thanks for your time.


Not bad but i think the barrel of the gun is a bit too long

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It looks alright you need more practice with blender but for a starter it’s good.

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Ok thanks. I will shorten it in future models.

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I need a LOT more practice. But, for a first model, I’m proud of it.

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