My first project that I have released!

well title explains it all i think! It’s my first finished project and I have released it now well soft released it and I wonder if I could get some feedback to improve so aspects of gameplay because well like everyone here i want the experience to be good.

Lumberjack Madness (UPDATE) - Roblox

any feedback is welcome !

starting area and obby start pictures!

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Please add some pictures of it so I can see & give some feedback.

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Yes, the Map looks really good to see. You can improve the UI’s. And also you can add images instead of texts. Everything is cool.


UI look wonky and for the shop, change the background transparency to 0 otherwise do what @LIVONO5KAHN said, change it to images.

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This is very good for your first release. Maybe just change the size of the UI and the Font size for it because the UI itself looks small and the words look like they are squashed together.

Otherwise, good work, keep going.

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that looks very well made! wow

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