My first proper Blender model

Hey devs,
I am just starting out in the journey of becoming a blender modeler,
I made gordeau scythe as my first model,
Pics below.

What I made:

Feedback is appreciated, both positive and negative

Thanks for reading!


This is a great model and a great start!
Good job and keep up the good work!


That’s pretty good for a starter, I’m impressed that it was your first model. Keep up the good work my boy.


I see one problem, I don’t think you smoothed out the Normals on the actual blade part of the scythe.
Here is how you can fix it:

But besides that it looks great!

Hey, thanks for getting back and I will surely do that.

Wow, really nice this model, congratulations!

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This is a perfect replica. It’d look even more perfect if you added some extra edges so that the blade and the end can hold their shape more
I think if you went into edit mode and added some loop cuts at the ends it could hold its shape more instead of collapsing under the smoother

It’s very nice and I respect the simplicity

I think you should add more details to it like maybe some neon lines across the blade UNLESS you wanted the scythe to look exactly like the one you referenced it to.

Also the blade doesn’t look that sharp since it’s thick and not thin:

Hey, I went a bit lazy doing that part so… but I will do that. Thanks for replying.

It looked flat, so I had to shade smooth that blade to make it look more curved but I will try to fix that. And I did try adding the neon lights and they look really good. Thanks for replying.