My first "real" game

Hello everyone!

I’ve been on the ROBLOX platform for three years, and I’ve never made a “real” game, apart from low-quality places and tests.

Here’s my pride:, my first serious ROBLOX game that actually looks like a serious ROBLOX game.

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for reading!

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Here’s some of my feedback:

The UI is not the best. The black-on-white design for every single element reduces contrast that is nessecary to highlight essential elements of the UI. I would consider making the buttons contrast with different colors, and I would also consider using the “Roundify” plugin and other UI components to clean them up and add some flair. You can also do this with Tween Service. This would modernize the game.

The UI is also a little buggy.when your timer gets down to the single digits in the seconds place, it displays a bug.

Moving onto modeling. The simplicity of the models is very off-putting. The game name and description made me expect a focus on how the world looks from a smaller size, which strongly ties into modeling and how the world is built. but the world’s models (which sometimes aren’t very well put together/connected) lead to some dissapointment on that end.

One of my final points of criticism (and in my opinion, the most important) is the gameplay. The gameplay is very slow. I spent large amounts of time just walking around a huge map devoid of interactable features an details like that.

Tying back into the model issue from earlier, there is just not much to see or look at as i walk around between the points on the map, and the lack of interactable features across the maps makes it kind of hard to enjoy the whole experience. It requires simply holding the W key for a minute or two until you find the one thing you need to find. It’s not the best, gameplay-wise.

Overall, this sums up my feedback. I’m going to give some suggestions, but they can be taken with a grain of salt as they are solely my opinion on how the game could be changed:

Defining “Point of Interest” as an area on the map where lots of models are, such as the closet or box area on the first level, i would:

Reduce the distance between “Points of Interest” in the levels so players spend less time walking between them.
Add a considerable amount of interactable components of the game (hints, clues, puzzles, transportation devices, etc) into each “Point of interest” to engage players as they walk around these areas
Spritz up the GUIs with tween effects and color as well as roundifying them to give some engagement on this front.
Add multiple objectives (side-quests) to each level to reduce the linearity of the game.

I would like to commend you for putting together a finished product, however. That is something that not a lot of developers can do. If you can build upon this project and expand the game to increase player retention, you could definitely have something here. I hope my feedback was of some assistance, good luck! :smiley:


Thanks you alot for the really really huge feedback. I’ll take everything into account and try to improve the stages.