My first (real real) game that I released

I made my first difficulty chart obby on ROBLOX, I have really wanted to make one of these sorts of games for a while now and I’ve finally done it. (i actually took a break from ROBLOX lol…)

It’s not very good due to the fact that it’s my first so sorry if it kinda sucks lol…

Here’s the link to the game: (1) :star: Bent’s Jump Per Difficulty Chart Obby :star: - Roblox Please give me feedback on how I should change the game, or what I should add/remove.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I wouldn’t say it’s bad, due to the fact that it’s your first one anyway!

But in my honest opinion, I think Lighting and UIs might not look very neat but who am I? Just a programmer with no knowledge at all with building.

Have fun and great game!

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Thanks for the feedback! I’d agree on the lighting part, probably going to change it next update, and add more stages.

Alrighty! I hope you have a great time developing the game.

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I like the style of studs with the game, the only suggestion I would make is the text on the left side are a little bit hard to read

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So, like what should I do? Make the sign bigger? Anyways, thank you for the feedback! By the way, the studs aren’t very original but thank you for the compliments! I tried to use them in an original way. (By adding the outline thingys, etc.)

Please make the UI straight, but you can feel free to change the rotation if they hover over it.

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Alright, good idea. I felt like something was a bit off and pretty sure that’s it lol. Thanks for the feedback!