My first Render

Hello, all I just wonder what you think of my first render I am making It a thumbnail soon and will update this post. Thank you


good for a starter. Add some shading B)

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This is pretty good for your 1st render, keep it up!

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This render looks amazing, however I have a few tips:

  • Try focusing the image on the character instead of making the picture wider than needed for better sizing in photoshop etc.
  • Try some new angles and work on the lighting a bit :slight_smile:

Overall, this looks amazing!

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Fantastic Render! However, it really needs a sense of lighting called Shading. Perhaps too much light on the object seems a bit more of a light object than an object with different values of light. Angle the shading. Maybe angle the light facing the head on top.

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Hello do you have discord that I can contact you on?

My Discord is in my summary :slight_smile:

His arm is cracked also colliding with his body, and his body language seems to be shy. You should add more, good job.

Very Good for your first Render, I think there just needs to be less lighting, as mainly on the shirt, it seems kind of bright and it hurts my eyes.

It is because I am new and dont know how to change that stuff

It looks great! I wish you the best of luck in your rendering journey!

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