My First Render

Hello! I recently finished my first render! Could I get some feedback on it?

  • I really like it!
  • It is good!
  • Eh… It’s okay.
  • I don’t like it.

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All feedback is appreciated!


The idea itself is very simple, and that’s what the Roblox logo is. It doesn’t need to have all different types of effects. Just be aware of when you should add extra details and effects. Other than that, pretty good for your first render.


Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it!

I like your render , keep up the good work dude

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Yeah I realized that when I was rendering it. The corners are tapered; which messes up the glass because the glass is duplicate of the neon, but with the skin scaled larger.

I’ll make sure to fix that in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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