My first roblox animation [Blender]

Any Feedback and Criticism is heavily appreciated.


The sounds don’t really match up and the poses look super unnatural and kinda looks like hes having a seizure (jk but actually it just looks kinda weird) but it’s not too bad for your first animation. The animation looks super smooth and I think if you tried matching it up with the sounds and made it look more natural I think it will be a pretty good animation

here’s a plot twist : the sound seemed to match up and I didn’t put it side by side.
and the posing thing is how MOST animators like to make a cartoon-ish feel to the animation.
I might understand a few complaints like one of the limbs spazzing out for no reason or the sound not being good.

Well, for one, the lighting by the flashlight seems weird (0:03)

I understand what you’re talking about, normal mapping and metallic surface caused it to do this flickering shine of some sort.

Nononono im talking about like the sudden transition. Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 7.29.26 PM
shouldn’t it sorta blend?
But yeah

it also doesnt seem right… like kinda off
but overall nice animation!1!

Ah, these ones are caused by the flashlight. you see I needed to stuff the light point in the object to cause the light and object itself to give it a glow. the payoff now is the light now takes the shape of the flashlight in general which is a problem because the blend doesn’t go beyond.

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Really cool animation! But there’s one thing that slightly bothers me. The person is holding the flashlight slightly downwards but the lightbeam still reaches up all the way to the top of the trees. For the rest, well done!