My first ROBLOX cafe!

Hi there, I have just built my first café and I would appreciate any feedback that you may have, I’m currently looking to take this feedback and use it to improve my build.

PLEASE NOTE: The kitchen is yet to be finished, so I have not added any pictures of it.



The orange in my opinion is a bit bland with plastic, it looks like you’re mixing realism with a cartoon. (Wood textures and a plastic material). Try to use another material


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into changing it.

The outside looks good but in terms of the layout it feels as if theres too much empty space and the seating areas are too condensed near the walls, easiest way to use up the space imo would be to add multiple elevations, with fences and all that.


I like it, but… something seems off?? I think it becoms a little uncanny as some things like for example the floor and walls, are very realisticly shaded, but the chairs and plants, checkout area is very low-poly, i think its an amazing build, just a little hard on the eye in terms of color and shading.

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It looks really well done! but i feel like theres not to much stuff inside, i feel like its a bit empty.

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Looks cool, nice, modern I can’t wait to see where this project goes, but overall for a first cafe it is quite good.

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