My first roblox game

(the game will get no more updates as I have started making a different game)
I’m making a game called “island” and I would like some feedback on it!
The game is island (alpha) - Roblox


Pretty good for a starter, it just needs more detail to the horror game.

Like how you can add some lighting effects and more grass instead of earth. Here’s a nice video on lighting:

Realistic Lighting Settings ROBLOX STUDIO (Tutorial) - YouTube

Thank you for your feedback! Because of your feedback, I added a day night cycle and some scary sounds!

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First of all, great job I would say it’s way better than what some people could do for their first game. I do have a few suggestions, one is that the map just suddenly ends on the border, but you can walk off. I suggest you expand it by just a little bit and add trees around (also add a transparent part as a barrier so they can’t walk off). Also, some fog would make the experience a little more immersive or scary. But in conclusion, I think you did an amazing job for your first game, and keep up the good work.


You can also have an informative description, unless if you’re going for a roblox-creepypasta

I was going for something scary, so I kept the description mostly blank.

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Yeah, I guess to make the game mysterious. If you want to make it something like that remove the gamepasses and the (alpha).

Thanks for the feedback! I really needed it!

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It looks amazing so far! However, I think you should redo the trees. Maybe try adding some textures aswell as it does not blend in with the workspace.


Thanks for the feedback! It helps a lot!

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I’ll be looking later I really love horror games and designing horror so I will look as soon as I can get on my pc

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If your not doing ant more updates on it, why is it alpha

Try making a thumbnail to attract players, I wouldn’t click it if I came across it, try making it more attractive

hey killr I don’t know if you remember me, you wanted to play a game with me, send me a friendship letter to relate as developers