My first roblox project: A game about surviving on a conveyor belt that gets wilder over time


I’ve recently started getting into Roblox dev, and I’ve been having a lot of fun. I decided for my first project I should work on something that’s simple to grasp and play, but does touch on a lot of Roblox systems so I can learn them. Been working on it for about a week now after my work, and it’s been going quite well but I would love to hear what you guys think of it.

The core concept is that all players start on a treadmill and have to stay alive on it for as long as possible, every few seconds an event happens that changes something about the treadmill or makes it more dangerous, cascading into a chaotic obstacle course after a while.

I’d love to hear your feedback and maybe ideas, as I’m not sure what works well and what doesn’t, and would love to improve on the concept.


Can you put screen shots of the game?

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It’s amazing, I would have tons of fun playing it with friends. It seems a little bit too easy, but considering there weren’t any players in the way, that will most likely won’t be a problem if you’re planning to release it. The screen GUI idea would surely fit really well as you’d have to dodge many obstacles whilst keeping your camera in an angle facing that screen at all times. One idea I have is maybe add power-ups, by that I mean events that give 5 seconds of invincibility, let’s you step on certain parts or ways to buy certain events. Other than that, it has great potential and it’s really impressing how it only took you a week to make.


Took one for you, the link is perfectly safe so don’t worry about that.


I’ll update with some screenshots, apologies. I couldn’t get the video to upload through the upload thingy on the forums itself :slight_smile:

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It looks very cool, I like the concept of the game and I’m pretty sure it will get popular and make a conveyor game trend on Roblox; just like tower of hell which made a tower obby game trend.

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This looks so cool! This is stunning for your first Roblox game. The music is perfect, the lights, the video, just chefs kiss. Keep up the good work!

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Interesting concept.

I haven’t seen a game like this mainly based on a conveyor belt with waves or challenges

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You’ve come up with a very fun and engaging concept! I’d favorite this game and play often :hidere:
When will this game be released?

A few things I noticed: the round started gui kept counting down from 4 throughout the round.
Also, you could increase the speed of the conveyor just a little bit from the beginning.

That UI is also to show when the next event will occur…But I might improve that a bit as its not very clear :smiley:

I hope to release once I add a bunch more content and round off the edges! There’s still enough improvements to be made and I want to be sure there’s a good variety of events.

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Ah, I see now. Maybe you can change the text to “Next Event: (seconds)” so that it would make it more clear. :grin:

That’s a good plan. Let me know when it’s out and I’ll play!

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Looks cool, but it has a lot of neon.

Definitely looks good, and probably the best first project I’ve ever seen. I’m definitely gonna try it out

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Looks awesome! If you’re struggling with a name, how about Conveyor Mayhem? Sounds good to me, haha! :grinning:


Looking from the screenshots, it looks very nice! I like the neon feel of the game and the simple plot. Keep up the good work!

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It looks great and funny to play, can’t wait to try it out!

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A lot better than my first game, I can say that much. The talent is in both the idea and the execution. It’s a relatively simple, well polished game that looks fun and has fairly innovative gameplay. Excited to see where you go on roblox :grin:

As far as input I could give, I think it could be cool to have the surface gui display whatever hazard that was just added in was, or have a pop up on your screen somewhere.


This really looks like a great concept! I think it can go really far if given the right amount of time & development taken into it!

The only potential issue I could see with this, is if the game kept progressing & the chaos continued more, which could result in a ton of lag & ping issues for other players and the server itself

Probably gameplay optimization is 1 of the major key points here when thinking about a game, especially if things keep spawning

Overall though, I would definitely love to see this get released out to the public!

This is definitely a concern, but I have some experience with replication so I’m trying to make sure anything I can make client-side is client-side.

Yeah, just make sure to handle the part effects on the client side, and sanity checks on the server

But overall, I would definitely love to see this as a game out to the public!