My First Roblox Studio Project! (Suggestions Appreciated!)

My first big project on Roblox Studio. Comments, suggestions, or ideas on how to make it look better would be great! Thank you so much!!

Things I still need to add:
The machines to make the drinks.
The counter behind the front desk.
Other small things.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any comments! :slight_smile:


Looks good! Heres my feedback

As you said Terrain.

Maybe more detail on the exterior

A roof, small little detail on the roof.

More colors. :rainbow:

Awesome job, can’t wait to see a finished product.

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Thanks! I will add those things when I get a chance! :slight_smile:


I got some suggestions for you. See if you can get some inspiration or a picture on how a cafe looks like. Maybe you can make a nice looking cafe. The cafe does not have to be small, you can make the space big like some of the cafes in Roblox groups.

I usually do the research while working on a project, which I shouldn’t do. Try to plan things out so you wouldn’t be a sloppy builder like me, lol.

I really like the design! It’s clean, not to much going on.
Maybe you could add a staff room, and a bit more food/drink options? To give it more of a cafe feel.
For outside, you could put some plants, like flowers and trees. Maybe landscaping, like rocks.
Can’t wait to see when it’s completed! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be trying that out! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will be adding outside decorations, don’t worry! Thank you for the suggestions!

I think you should add some posters on the wall and some other decorations such as plants. Also, should add a menu on top of the counter too.

A good work for your first build!

The Interior of the building looks simple and neat, which is nice. It however, looks empty. There are a few things I think you can add.

Since it’s a cafe, I recommend adding different meals or items on each table. You can also add detail to the windows, maybe also designs on the wall. You can add different types of seats and tables to give it a better feel. Another thing would be posters, objects, more detail, and a menu in the front. Try your options and see what fits! Keep it up and you’ll eventually see the improvements. Wishing you the best!

Hey! For your first build, it is ok.
Here are some things that could be improved.

On the outside, the Cafe doesn’t seem appealing. The building is simply a rectangular box. Generally, the building is boring to look at. To fix this, use colors to your advantage and different shapes. If you see a building in real life, it is not just a rectangle but a building with different shapes with it (rectangle, square, etc.). You should consider adding something to show that it is a cafe. From the outside, it doesn’t seem to be a cafe.

On the inside, you may want to add more decoration and color. It also needs more irregularity. Everything seems to have a rectangular/square feeling to it. Nothing in real life is orderly or perfect. Something has to be imperfect.
The tables are simple/ There is no variation. For example, you could have tables of different sizes or tables with more seats.

That’s all. I’m no builder, but that’s what I felt when I looked at the pictures.

For what you have I think it’s good

In my Opinion . . .

The Layout is good I like it but more can be added people need a place to make food and drink in the cafe and storage space so add a backroom

For The Table Instead Of making it so plain Add Detail, For example, I made this to show you what you can do For a Table

  • image

The Food Showcase Thing Seems To Blocky So I Made another example for you try something like this

  • image

Always Remember The Smallest Detail Can Make The Biggest Difference

Hope I Help In Some Way


Thank you all for replying! This will help me make the cafe look nicer! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Sure Thing Keep Up Ur Great Work