My first Sci-Fi Build

Please give me feedback on this build, made by me!


I think it would be cool to have a obby inside all the tubes.


I thinking of making a like base/headquarters sci fi type idk yet

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this is really cool. i don’t know what it is though :upside_down_face:

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I like the theme and pattern. If you make a big map consisting of complex combinations of these structures, I think it can be quite useful for fast-paced games such as spaceship racing.

Thx i’ll take it into consideration’

should i add more colors or just keep it orange and blue??

maybe have different colours for different areas of a map so that players can use the contrast to differentiate between areas.

OK thank you for your invaluable feedback!

Looks pretty epic honestly, I think this could be used to make a parkour game or something like that

Sorry but its not for gameplay its more for showcase purposes and i cant script if I find someone to script this then I’ll make it into a game and so far its a showcase.

Yeah I know that I just wanted to point out that fact

Ok thankyou fro the carification!

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