My first Sci-Fi build

Hello everyone
So I recently got into building and made my first build. This is a Sci-Fi build, here ae some screenshots.

I am new to building so if u guys give me some suggestions I could improve.

Thankz for reading😄


Wow, ur first build??? Looks great! How long did it take for you to make it?

Thank you, It took me 1 week to build

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Really impressive for a first. I think all there is to improve on is to add more detail and keep building.
I would search google images for some sci fi designs


Wow pretty good dude! I think you should change your title to Builder instead of programmer.

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Thankz for ur advise I use reference images too they helps a lot.

is this REALLY your first build? do you have experience with things? that’s WAAAAAAY too good for your first build. can you elaborate?

Was it made in a third-party software such as blender? Or was it all made in roblox studio.

Yes it is my first build, but if u ask me if I have experience idk cos I have tried to build before but I would just abandon it half done like I would have only completed the floor lol. But somehow I just build something thats better than half done builds. I think reference images, going through some build by other devs helped me.

Blender was a life saver. Most of the parts are meshes made in blender

hmmmm. well that clarifies it a lot! but if you have built more things then how is this your first build?

That’s very good for a first build, I don’t even make stuff like that, jeez, that’s impressive

He means completed.

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oh. thanks for clarifying as well. but dosent the title of the post say “! my first build ! feedbacks !” or is that just a weird grammatical error

Don’t ask me, I didn’t make the topic.


This is omega amazing for a beginner. I almost don’t believe it. Great job.

You can’t sell it here, it’s against the rules.

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Should have said My first completed build, my bad

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Pretty cool build! Also, your not allowed to sell things on the DevForum, it’s against ToS.

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Thankz for letting me know @Luxorz and @Coldshot_Dev

That’s impressive and the fact that it’s your first build makes it more impressive.

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