My first showcase [Last-Stand Underground Club]

Last-Stand Underground Club is a showcase & vibe game I made in about 2 days and was updated recently with more new content! It’s my first showcase game in my group so be sure to check out my Roblox development group as well and join for more updates in the future. Feel free to give any feedbacks! :+1:


It looks empty. You could add more decorations and it would be 10x better.

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I like the detail you put on the pillars and the overall design gives a great vibe, however there things you could change to make this build better.

  • The bottles and glasses are huge, as well as the laptop in the image
  • Bar stools by the counter are too far apart
  • The decals used are random, a painting, a picture, then a cartoon
  • If you could apply the same amount of detail you did on the pillars and the counter to the ceiling it would be much better
  • It would be nice to have a variety of bottles on the shelves

For a first build though this is nice, keep it up!


Thanks a lot! I’ll see if I can improve anything. :wink:

I could help you improve your chat as that is one of the thing I am working on right now. I love it other-wise.
I can also help with a food and drink system with custom animations.
please reply.

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You need to work on decorations for the club. There are few of them, which makes your building look very empty.
Good luck on next updates.

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@catfish_10 Thx for the offer! But I am kind-of busy these days and I can improve those things myself just that I did not do it recently because I am working on another project and other stuff. But still thank you and also your mining game on your profile is quite nice!

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The mining game is more a bit of fun but its just that I am looking for a fellow developer a I am a scripter I you look like a good modler

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