My First Showcase

This post is about my first showcase which is not existing anymore but got some interesting feedbacks for me to improve :slight_smile:


Very good for a first showcase. Here are changes I would do:

  • I would change the floor material. Maybe make it a custom material, because the plain white fabric seems bland and it doesn’t mix with the rest of the room.

  • Add lights and add a material to the roof to make it look better. In showcases, lighting is a very important factor.

  • Add more detail to the cubicles. I would change its colour and material, and maybe add a border trim to it.

  • Try adding a skybox to the windows, because the plain blue windows are pretty bland.

  • Maybe try adding office music or something.

  • Maybe add a desk with snacks next to the tables?

But very good work on the computers and tables, I like them a lot. Keep on going and you’ll create great showcases for the community!

Also, improve the keyboard, make it looks more realistic.

Nice build! I find it relaxing and a bit disorienting because of the blur effect. :stuck_out_tongue:



please put this in “normal creations” section because this does not belong here, cariño

Thank you! I’ll sure note those changes :slight_smile:

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Sorry, This is my first post. I’ll learn more about categories

Sure i’ll note that once i get more decent in building =)

Thank you for your very nice feedback :slight_smile:

The walls are all the same color and there’s not much variety, much of the showcase is copy pasted. Id suggest working on putting different things on different desks, picture frame, apple, papers etc.

Ok i’ll improve the showcase :slight_smile: