My first terrain showcase

This is my first time working with terrain so I hope it is good enough.




It’s kinda good terrain for starters, but maybe add something a little bit good, or something.

what do you mean by something good?

Looks cool, but you should improve it. You can start to improving with the water :grin:


Ok thanks! I will note that down

This is pretty good for your first time! :+1:
Although I’m fairly new to Roblox terrain as well, I do have some advice that I think would be helpful to you

  1. Use a plugin for waterfalls
    The water material is pretty wonky, especially when it comes to waterfalls. Thankfully, there’s a plugin for that!

  2. Use the smoothing tool
    Your terrain looks pretty rough on the edges

  3. Make it look natural
    It’s pretty hard to make terrain look natural without a reference image, (which by the way, I do recommend using) especially for a beginner. It does get easier as you keep practicing, so practice, practice, practice!

That is good for a beginner!

The water is a little bit trippy but other than that, pretty good!