My first time using Roblox Studio and this is what I made (densoload)

About Me

Hi there! I I have just started building on Roblox Studio and I am doing a 28-Day challenge where I will try to learn something new each day.

Although I am new to Roblox, I am not new to programming. I have 20+ years experience working with C / C++, Visual Basic / SQL, Bash / Awk / Gulp, Html / CSS / Javascript, R / Python and more recently Lua.


You can view an image of my AutoBuild plugin here:
You can view an image of my Pathfinder plugin here:

On Day 8, I created an AutoBuild plugin

The idea of this plugin is to automate a static model using a blueprint from script.
For example, this plugin will convert a code such as “gl1001” to a block with property Glass (“gl”) and White (1001) color.
The blueprint is a script file that consists of Data3d = {};
Step 1. IsGeoEmpty()
The first step is to specify the size (X,Y,Z) of the building.
Step 2. Add3dScript()
The second step is to create a Data3d script, that contains values for each layer of the model.
Note: This step is manual, however there is a possibility to create a GUI blueprint editor outside of Roblox Studio.
Step 3. Build3d()
The third step is to build and render the static model from the Data3d script.
Step 4, 5, 6. ReduceX(), ReduceY(), ReduceZ()
The final step is to reduce the number of parts along the X, Y and Z axes.
Note: This plugin works with part of stud size 1x1x1, 2x2x2, but I have not tested it with irregular shapes.

On Day 12, I created a Pathfinder plugin

The idea of this plugin is to automate NPC walking from a source to destination. Why would I need this when there is already a pathfinder service in Roblox? The reason is that I would like the NPC to stick to a road or path, and not take shortcuts through non-paths.
Step 1. NewPathfinder
The first step is to specify the NPC, which will create a pathfinder folder that is associated with this NPC.
Step 2. CloneWaypoint
The second step is to clone the waypoint from Step 1. Each way point has its own detector and script that will instruct where the NPC must go next.
Note: I’ve used the service Pathfinderservice to navigate from each waypoint.
So far, there doesn’t appear to be any bugs, but I’ve not used this in production yet.

Update 8-Sep-20 My first Obby game

Okay, let’s start with honesty… I was lazy to build from scratch so I took the Obby starter game from Roblox and modified it.

This is what I built on top of it:

  • Timer round, where participants get ranked on Leaderboard at the end.
  • There is a minimum of two participants before each round begins.
  • I was lazy to create a Wizard from a random player, so I gave Fireball ability to all players instead.
  • Obbys are random each round, and a Lumberjack Zombie (free NPC model) spawns 30 seconds after participants are teleported into the Castle.
  • Participants can spectate each other even while inside castle (I was lazy to make a spectate for only participants outside castle).

That’s pretty much the whole game. There is room for future development, but I wanted some feedback from players first. You can play it below:

Currently, I’m working on a game that utilizes my plugins above.


I am available for a few hours of work per week. You can contact me any time.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or barter trade of assets. My preferred payment method is Robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Considering you have 20+ years of experience, I honestly recommend trying to apply at Roblox itself.


Wow, I see you have a bright future here.

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