My First Tycoon Blog

I’m now currently working on my first roblox tycoon game
Sorry if i don’t show a huge advance, i’ve just started today-
So…I’ve made this leaderstats thing

I posted this since i dont know what to do next, im kinda confused-like what should i add next? buildings, scripts maybe…?


Some buildings i’ve made today

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Start building, then script everything, that’s what I would do


Hey, @DrenkZero. As you currently started working on your game, I would suggest you start building first. Scripting can stay aside, scripting takes a while if you don’t have a clear knowledge of it.

If you want to build the lobby area or the location, I would suggest you use reference images. And one more thing, the buildings you made look good, but need a bit more decoration and depth to them.

If you need help/tips on what to do, you are free to reply and ask. If you need help with developing anything, you can message me and we can take it on further from there.

Maybe you should make an autosave script, so your leaderboard stats will save automatically.

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