My first week in 3D Modeling

Hello, im catylifestory and i love creating 3D models. And i also love building and making clothing!
This is my first time making a hair. And i used Blender. i learned using a Blender because of my 3D models. But i started making 3D accessories. And this is my first week. Please Give a Feedbacks

These are models I made this week
Hair Ugc concept.PNG


This seems really well made and textured! Could we see some more angles or the hair tho?

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From what I can see the hair looks nice. I agree with stqrrydev that we could use more angles. I also suggest not using a bright background as the blonde blends with the pink marble wall and makes it difficult to see. For your first week in 3D modeling it’s rather well made. If you want to make better models just keep using the software and occasionally follow a tutorial even if you already know how to use Blender, because you will find yourself learning new things about the software and because Blender’s updates have had a trend of changing things around so that’s another good reason to follow tutorials once in a while.

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