My first work on modeling (Blender)

Greetings, this is my first modeling work of course after a few tries I was able to do this.

Please specify if you have any suggestions


Honestly pretty quality. Not much feedback. Maybe change the colors as they are really dark and the sword doesn’t pop out. But building wise you did an excellent job :slight_smile:


Pretty good!
However one thing I would do is make the sword more shiny and more details to the handel (the bottom part).

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thank you, i asked my friend for help for the textures and its current state


Looks Amazing! :star_struck:
Like the gold color in the sword!

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looks really good. good job man

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Amazing! Looks very cool, keep up the good work.

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That looks SICK. I don’t really have any feedback, I think it looks cool the way it is. :+1:

Though the model is pretty simple, I like it a lot. But the textures are too dark I think.