My friends can not see the animations I've made in roblox studio team create

I want my friends to see the animations I’ve made, but they can’t. I need to screen share on discord for them to see it. The animations I’ve made aren’t seen on their screens. I am the only one who is able to see and use the animations for some reason. I’ve tried making a group, and setting the owner of the animation to the group, but that didn’t work. And I can’t find any other resources for my problem


This is a roblox feature. If they use team test it will show for them, or in the ACTUAL game (not studio) it will also be visible. Idk why but studio doesnt allow others to see animations.

it doesn’t show on team test sadly, I haven’t tried the actual game yet, I’ll test it out.


I/my friends personally take a day to a few weeks before we can see eachother’s animations in studio/team create

Idk why but it tends to appear eventually…eventually…

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please, let us know if that works, i got the same issue

so, is it like a gitch or smth?

playing the game didn’t work and for anybody, and the place is only a couple days old so I haven’t gotten anybody else to see the animations.

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