My game "Beware of Bloxchester" doesn't come up in search results

I have no idea why. It’s not “new” and the title is fairly unique.

Game page: Space - Roblox

Search results: Discover - Roblox & Discover - Roblox

Any and all feedback, suggestions and help is appreciated. I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own for months and have gotten nowhere.

Thank you!

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My game which includes the name of the account that owns it in the name and doesn’t appear. If you search “TheLegendOfSirenhead’s Place” my place won’t appear. It’s because roblox has a bizzare searching system that doesn’t work well.

Surely there’s a way to fix this? How does Roblox’s searching system work?

Roblox seems to take parts of it and show game relating to only part. The only way I can think of to appear for the search would be to put tags like “bloxy, bloxy award” in the description since it shows bloxy award games. When I put CoinTheKit in the search it shows a bunch of coin simulators. I can make the assumption roblox’s search matches only part of whole words. It matches “blox” in bloxchester to “bloxy”

That seems a bit “black hat”, but I may have no other choice but to try your suggestion soon since I seem to be blacklisted from the search for some reason. Thank you.