My game description is broken

For some odd reason this is my game’s description:

None of the developers or myself have changed/updated the game’s description or localization settings over the past 4+ months and it just randomly set itself to “COMING SOON” and I can’t fix it.

And even more odd when I go to the Place Settings menu the original description is there:

If anyone knows how to fix this that would be very helpful, thanks! :smiley:


Try setting the description via studio, you can use the in studio game settings feature for this.

Description is normal in studio settings, I edited it slightly and clicked save and it still did not update

This is currently posted in bug section of the forums… A lot of devs. Including myself experiencing this issues, hopefully it should be resolved… sooon.

I can confirm this issue. The game description is broken and gives an old description. It also tells me the description is too long despite being smaller than the character limit.