My game gives wrong URL in home page (in PC)

  1. I want my game to give the right URL when you click the game icon on the home screen of Roblox on PC.

  2. Whenever I click the game icon in the Home Page, it gives me this link:

with this page:

However the correct link to the game is

The only way I can access the game on PC is by going to edit and going to Starting Place, or going to my profile > Creations.

  1. I have tried looking for answers for this issue and no matter what I try, it keeps giving me the wrong URL. It seems to work fine on mobile but the issue happens in PC, I have tried in many accounts to try to access the game in home page (In PC).

I am the creator of the place and the game is part of no group. This is my first game so I’m really confused on what’s the issue. Any help will be much appreciated!!! Edit: The game also can be accessed if you look it up in search bar.

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Maybe this is a issue by roblox itself?, you can try republish the game?

I tried playing the game and when I went back onto the homepage and clicked the game icon it didn’t work for me either and gave me the wrong link.

I think you should post this in #bug-reports:website-bugs, maybe a Roblox staff member could then figure out what’s going on. Definitely looks like an issue with the roblox website, and not something you could fix yourself.

I have tried looking into that, but it seems only Regulars can post in bug reports.