My game got leaked

Hello, my game got leaked, I contacted roblox support. Should I make it public again? How likely is it for it to be leaked again? What can the exploiter do with my stolen map?

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If your game was public, of course it would be leaked.

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is it rare for games to be leaked?

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Not that rare, but it is caused by Synapse SaveInstance, or if one of the people you’re working with steals the game.

It was caused from Synapse, I don’t have any devs.

Worst is that they can look through your local scripts and find potential security vulnerabilities
They can also try to sell your map if it’s good and make a profit off of it.

Other free exploit clients like Krnl (I don’t recommend it, might be a virus) also have saveinstance so its no longer a Synapse-exclusive feature though Synapse’s saveinstance is still better

Not at all, almost every front page game that you can think of has been leaked, either the assets or the entire game so you’re not alone.

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thanks, that made me feel better because I was freaked out

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The physical structure and local scripts in game can be stolen and leaked other than that I don’t think anything else will be stolen

It’s definitely somewhat possible to steal full games, since all games are stored as a file on the web that Roblox Studio can decompile easily. The reason why it’s hard for them is because of authentication.

It used to be much easier back in the earlier days of Roblox. You could steal literally every element of a game.

Roblox has come a very long way since then :slight_smile:

With FilteringEnabled, exploits can only steal models, meshes, parts, terrain, local scripts, module scripts (if they aren’t on server), GUIs, other client-replicated instances like RemoteEvents etc.

It’s nearly impossible to have a fully working game just with this method because every game which is worth stealing use server scripts too.

Worst thing is they can use your GUIs, your map etc.

However sometimes people get access to developers’ accounts and save the entire game to their disk and probably, publish them. In this case, it’d be pretty much entirely leaked.

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Filtering Enabled is always on now.

Didn’t say it isn’t. I mentioned that with benefits of filtering enabled, these happen.