My game halloween decor 2021

I have just finished my update for Halloween. We have added a bunch of decor a mini game and a few bugs that needed squashed.

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Looks very free modely. Iā€™m not sure if you actually hand made these models, or used free models, but it looks like free models. Normally, when building your build is supposed to have a sort of continuity, or style to it. Your style is all over the place. The decorations have a playful, and cartoony style, but the building itself has a modernized, and minimalist look to it.

Having a specific style makes your build look less like you spammed a bunch of free models, and called it a day. Maybe try building in a more modernized style, to match the build.

You are correct. I really tried doing that. That is why i am adding the real update in a few days. This was just a place holder for the big update.